2. April 2019 - 4. April 2019


Is this the Real World? "Perfect Smart Cities" vs. "Real Emotional Cities"

24. internationale Konferenz zu Stadtplanung und Regionalentwicklung in der Informationsgesellschaft GeoMultimedia 2019

8. April 2019 - 9. April 2019

DFNS 2019

11. Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium

Informieren Sie sich zu aktuellen Trends der Flächennutzungsentwicklungen und diskutieren Sie mit Experten.

8. Mai 2019 - 10. Mai 2019

Antwerpen, Belgien,
20. Mai 2019 - 24. Mai 2019

Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources

15th International Conference

AquaConSoil2019 will take place in the cultural capital of Flanders. Antwerp is both a bustling industrial port city and an outstanding historic centre for Belgian craftwork and artistry. It will host delegates from research institutes and universities, governmental and consultant organisations and from industry. AquaConSoil is organized by Deltares, in cooperation with a Flemish consortium under the lead of VITO / VLAKWA and OVAM.

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